Know More. Save More.

Lowering healthcare costs, while improving patient care and satisfaction, has become the mantra at nearly every healthcare organization.

From understanding invoicing to streamlining operations, Counting Sheets is one of the few organizations that educates and advises owners, trains staff, and in turn, allows the institution to serve its patients better. Contact us for more information.

We have a unique consultative process that illuminates the real cost of laundry services, in-house or outsourced, and saves money for nursing homes and hospitals on linens using proven methods that result in:

  • Cost savings of 20-45%
  • Continued profitability
  • Clarification of the real and inflated costs of laundry billings

In reviewing costs, we analyze and recommend best practices on the following topics:

  • Pounds and cost per adjusted patient day
  • Product usage by department and facility
  • Bed make-up policies/linen committee set-up
  • Scrub and incontinent pad and ER linen use
  • Cost per unit for the entire facility
  • Invoice, contract, and RFP assistance
  • On-site operations cost analysis
  • Cost per resident, per day analysis

Do more than "hit your budget numbers"


I would refer Bryan to any healthcare company that is looking at ways to reduce costs and is willing to look beyond surface costs to find dynamic ways to save money.
— Joseph S. Green, Professional Medical, Inc.